A taste of France in Orient Express in New Delhi


The Orient Express, a dining area of the grand and luxurious Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi, is one of the exclusive and royal dining areas for elites all across the globe who can afford to pay an average $123 for a royal meal while sitting in a luxurious surrounding of the dining area here. The entire dining hall is decorated with royal furniture and paintings in the style of a carriage of bygone period, and the name of this restaurant resembles the name of a passenger train travelling all across Europe. When a diner sits on this gastronomic carriage, the train travels through different stations worldwide starting from special dishes from all across the continent to delicious classical French cuisine, which is the main culinary preparation in this restaurant. Outside this elegant carriage, the bar welcomes guests with the soft music of the piano or with some jazz.

Via www.tajhotels.com

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