A Palace Repurposed in Hotel Neri :: Barcelona, Spain

Somehow, Hotel Neri hides itself well. How on earth a former 13th century palace turned modern four star hotel is able to do this shows the care that went in to the remodel. While part of the Splendia chain of hotels, there is a character to the hotel that makes it a friendly individual waiting to take care of you. Part of this may be that the hotel is situated on the square of San Felip Neri. This is one of the more understated spots in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Tourists don’t traverse it like others and there is stillness to it, only being occupied by a fountain, the cafĂ© for the hotel and the occasional guitarist who plays for a bit of change and moves on. But this small pocket of atmosphere in a city that buzzes far in to the night is a welcome oasis for relaxation and habitation.

The lobby entrance has, in good taste, preserved as much of the original palace as possible. This provides a grand entrance to the hotel that makes any guest feel like royalty, stepping out of the hordes that meander the Gothic Quarter. The 22 rooms mix new and old, once again preserving the original building, but tossing modern amenities on top of them in a way that seems purposeful and not haphazard.

It all comes down to a must stay place for those that love Barcelona, but have no need of the hostels to feel at home in the city.

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  1. Ploutos says:

    Very interesting hotel in a beautifull place.

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