Magnificent Lisbon Island up for sale – Any takers?


Working day in and day out for the entire year can turn to be a disheartening experience. So, what could be a better way of cheering yourself up than going for a luxurious vacation in one of the island paradises! There are so many exotic islands whose natural bounty will surely attract you.

Lisbon Island, beautifully located on the doorstep of Portugal, is a 300 acre bizarre island where you get the chance to spend a luxuriously exotic vacation! This island boasts of being valued at around $310 million (240 million Euros). It is very unusual that such an island with so much potential for development has remained undeveloped till date, in spite of being located so close to a highly populated area like Lisbon. The island is considered a prime location which can be turned into a luxurious golf course resort. This private island is capable of accommodating a complete residential unit and is currently on the market. Any takers?


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