A big party coming up? Don’t worry – You can now rent the entire country of Liechtenstein for just $70,000 a night!


If you have a really huge party coming up and you want to take the best care of your guests, then you can consider renting an entire principality. Yes, it is true! You can rent the beautiful principality of Liechtenstein at a price of just $70,000 per night! Not only Liechtenstein, but many more European principalities are also being offered on rent. Once you have taken the entire principality on rent, you can make sure that your guests have the loveliest time of their life in many different and innovative ways. You can give town squares and city streets new names, put up different names and logos by carving ice sculptures, and even print your currency for the time-being! On top of that, you will receive a grand welcome by the mayor himself, who will hand over the keys of that city, organize marching bands and even organize a medieval carnival in your honor! The entire country is full of beautiful places with an unlimited number of services. Cross country skiing, snowshoe hiking and snowboarding are some of the activities that you can try out when you are there.

Via globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com

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