A 9’ Crystal Piano from Heintzman Pianos for $3.22 Million


Heintzman Pianos, the famous piano manufacturer in Beijing, has designed and built an exclusive piano, which is now the world’s most elegant and expensive.

This magnificent piano is entirely made of crystal, and this was designed in 2008 to mark the grand celebration of the inaugural ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

This exclusive musical instrument is designed for a grand concert where the enigmatic music can feel the atmosphere to make the concert a memorable experience for billions of people all across the globe.

Created by Chinese manufacturers, this crystal piano was played by the great Chinese pianist, Ling Lang, whose melodious music mesmerized worldwide audiences.

This nine foot long piano was auctioned for an eye blogging price of $3.22 million in 2010.

So, if you love music or you want to decorate your home with exclusive masterpieces, a grand piano like this would make a nice addition for you to exhibit your luxurious lifestyle.

Via www.hzmpiano.com

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