British Cuisine

British Cuisine Vindication at last! I’d be a disappointment to the Crown if I didn’t take the opportunity to gloat, for one glorious, undignified moment, over the recent victory of British cuisine. Fourteen, yes, fourteen of the world’s fifty top-ranked restaurants are in none other than Great Britain. After withstanding years of teasing and jokes about British cuisine (usually something along the lines of “if it can’t be boiled, it can’t be British”), we’re finally proving that there’s more to our culinaria than bangers and mash and baked beans on toast. What’s that line again, victory has never tasted so sweet?

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi Emma
    glad to have a fellow blogger flying the flag!
    also glad your blog is up at last, i sent you an invite to food blog scool yesterday so look out for it in your mail box
    welcome to the comunity!
    best wishes with the new blogging venture

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