24 Hour Yippee-ki-yay Adventure Trip :: Daytona, Florida. part 3

Next stop:

Sky Dive Deland, a highly revered skydiving facility, is filled with elite members of an award winning sky-diving team. Also, we found out that Deland actually developed the tandem method which allows novice jumpers to experience the thrill of skydiving while safely harnessed to an instructor. (Word on the street is that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were so hooked after their first jump here they went on to complete the accelerated freefall training program and became licensed skydivers.)

All of that was good enough for me. Or at least it was until we were ushered into the “classroom” to watch a video, not so much about jumping but more about signing our lives away and the correct way to fill out our “Uninsured Relative Workshop, Tandem Parachute Jumper Agreement” where we were allowed the “privilege of utilizing the tandem parachute system” which states that “ the success of the jump is dependent upon the perfect functioning of the airplane from which I intend to jump and the parachute system, and that neither the airplane nor the parachute can be guaranteed to function perfectly”……SAAAAY WHAAAAT??????

Oh well-what the hell. I gave up reading the fine print and initialed no less than 21 little boxes assuring then that I understood I might die. I then settled back to prepare for a good time.

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