1992 Screaming Eagle – Enjoy the Taste of this Exotic Vintage Wine


Wines are the most sophisticated alcohol in the world. It has its root in ancient Greece. Super-expensive wine bottles are sometimes auctioned by the best vineyards in the world. A bottle of vintage wine can cost you many thousand dollars. Red wines are more expensive compared to the other ones and they have a subtle taste in them.

Think about the vintage 1992 Screaming Eagle that will cost you about $80,000 per bottle. At a charity event auction in Napa Valley, six Screaming Eagle wine bottles were auctioned for $500,000, a couple of years back. There was a dinner organized in that winery. A Cisco Systems executive, Chase Bailey was lucky enough to win that auction.

The color of the wine is opaque purple. This superior Bordeaux type of red wine has an intense rich, creamy, and fruity taste. I wish I had a chance to experience that great taste in my life!

Via: Thelifeofluxury.com

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