1982 Leoville Las Cases was sold at an amazing price of £3,650


Leoville Las Cases is one of the vintage red wines in Medoc and a popular name in the world of Bordeaux wines. This red liquor is a perfect mixture of variety of best quality grapes with the maximum percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon variety. These grapes are harvested to produce a magnificently dark colored wine with amazing sweet ripe tannin and flavors of black cherry. Wine lovers adore this brand for its high concentration, massive fruity density and extreme purity. As the bottle is opened, the nose of black currant, minerals and marzipan aroma makes a wine lover crazy for just a sip. Nearly 10 to 15 years are needed for maturation of the berries to bring out the original taste and fragrance of this exclusive wine. A bottle of this classic vintage liquor, 1982 Leoville Las Cases was sold at a record price of £3,650.

Via www.klwines.com

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