1951 Penfolds Granje; the finest and exclusive Australian vintage wine


A famous Australian wine, Penfolds Granje, prepared from Shiraz variety of grapes, is one of the finest vintage wines which are found in number all across the globe. The 1951 Penfolds Granje is the rarest of all its contemporaries and is considered as the most exclusive wine ever produced in this country. One bottle of this vintage was sold for an amount of $50,200. In 1951, 1,800 bottles were produced from this winery, and the next year, only one bottle was released in the commercial market for wine lovers. This variety of grapes is grown over a wide area and is fermented for twelve days. Then the maturation is done for one and a half years in oak casks to bring out the real color and essence of this Australian liquor. A tawny hue with a fleshy flavor and faded tannin gives a dull look to this extremely complex, rich flavored wine.

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