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At Vagablond, we’re all about luxury travel, shopping, food and wine.

Our fellow bloggers at www.14Trips.com is also all about luxury travel and only luxury travel.

It’s a San Francisco based online venture focused on finding the best five-star travel deals the luxury industry has to offer.

With the smart luxury traveler in mind, they seek out exceptional offers from respected online travel resources and bring them together in one place.

14Trips features over 1,000 deals on luxury hotels and resorts, upscale cruises, and full service tours to the most amazing locations in the world.

They promote trips with infinity pools, villas built over aquamarine water, the Coco Chanel suite at the Ritz Paris, all the great trips you’ve always read about in the travel magazines, and to all the places you’ve ever dreamed of traveling.

If fact, each analyst at 14Trips has extensive travel experience and knows that “charming” isn’t luxurious.

They choose deals at only select boutique hotels, exclusive inns, high-end seaside resorts and classic 5-star hotels.

14Trips also negotiates with luxury properties to bring exclusive discounts to its readers.

Check them out at www.14 Trips.com and stay tuned to Vagablond in the future for specific promotions on their most luxurious luxury trips.

Vanessa DellaPasqua of 14Trips told us:

We truly scour the web for all the deals on luxury properties we can find, so a lot of our deals are great offers we found “hidden” in the hotel websites, in travel agent offerings, etc. Most of the deals we feature can be found online, and we do the work for our readers — we pre-select properties worldwide (about 3,000 between 4 and 5 stars) that are truly luxurious hotels, and we dig in to find the best deals at these locations. We also negotiate exclusive deals with some properties. We are starting in the Bay Area, but we plan to expand our reach to other metropolitan areas soon.

She continued,

4Trips makes it practically impossible to miss a good deal. Our weekly email features the current 14 best offers, hand-picked by the 14Trips analysts. Or, you can receive our last minute room discounts from 5-star hotels on your mobile. You can subscribe to our weekly email at http://14trips.com/signup, and you can sign-up to receive our exclusive last-minute offers via mobile.

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