14th century porcelain vase from the Yuan Dynasty sold for 1.2 million dollars


Porcelain vases are quite common in most houses and offices but for the affluent, common porcelain vases cannot match their extravagant lifestyle. Moreover, when a decorative item is a part of history, an antique piece, who will not love to put it in a corner of their room to give an elegant touch to its décor?

During the Yuan Dynasty, a rich episode in Chinese history, art and architecture reached its height of prosperity in China. The firing technology of white and blue porcelain prospered in that period. With the help of this technology, porcelain vases were created in the period of 1271 to 1368. One of those porcelain vases still exist in pristine condition, and this masterpiece belongs to the 14th century. This Yuan styled vase has a white base with cobalt blue ethnic designs all over its body. This vase is only 34 cm tall, and it was sold at an astonishing price of 1.2 million dollars in 1993.

Via www.wackyarchives.com

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