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Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover …

What do you give the person who has everything? Well, even if he or she doesn’t have everything, provided they enjoy wine, Natalie Mac Lean from Nat Decants has put together a brilliant list of gift ideas for the wine lover. My favorite (in case my husband is reading this) is the Wine Atlas of the World. The gift baskets would be rather nice too….mmmm…hard decisions…

Gifts for Wine Lovers

By Natalie Mac Lean

One of the easiest people to buy for on your list this year is the wine lover. There seems to be no end to the wine books, videos, gadgets and accessories that pour on to the market each year. Even the budding oenophile will appreciate these gifts. The books can be purchased from most major bookstores across the country, while the accessories can be found in specialty wine stores in your area or by calling the stores listed below. In addition to these selections, most of the provincial liquor stores offer special gift packages for the holidays.

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Posted by Sylvia Davis on April 07, 2005 in Wine

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  1. Holiday Gifts says:

    what to get a wine lover (besides a good bottle)

    Blogger’s wish lists provide an endless stream of gift ideas. I myself am a wine afficionado, so I was intrigued by this reference to the “Nat Deants” site….

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