Sparkling Viva Sparkling Liquor


Have you ever heard of sparkling liqueur? I have never imagined anything like this. As a lover of all fizzy drinks, it sounds quite interesting to me.
In 2008, the first sparkling liqueur hit the market. It was certain at that time that sooner or later a more indulgent and expensive sparkling liqueur was bound to be available in the market to cater to the need of the elites. Enter Sparkling Viva that is regarded as the most expensive sparkling liqueur in the world.

Cartier’s Viva has a unique flavor that is achieved with California strawberries, Brazilian passion fruit and the nectar of other exotic fruits. Add sparkling wine, Cartier’s 10x distilled vodka and a chic, ultrathin bottle and you have a recipe for bubbly indulgent drinks.
Sparkling Viva is 27% alcohol by volume. It is available in the market with the price tag of $55 and is set to be released in the summer of 2010. Best of all, Cartier is offering Viva in a limited edition gift package.


Posted by Erin Silverman on September 02, 2012 in Wine

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  1. Aline Lermer
    Aline Lermer says:

    A sparkling liqueur? I had never even dreamed of! I’m glad there is one now. Is it also available in Germany? I’d love to indulge myself and, hmmm, show off a little bit around… :0) As my personal motto “No matter what you do, do it with style. YOUR style” is, such a bubbly liqueur with THAT bottle, oh my God, only a sip of it would make my day, yeah, a diva day!

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