In-Flight Meals: Barely Edible or Really Incredible?

Conde Nast Traveler asked a top chef if he could make the perfect in-flight meal. It had to be shelf-stable for three hours or more, leak-proof and not smelly.

Gene Kato’s solution was Miso-Glazed Fried Chicken with Japanese Truffled Soybean Salad. He said, “When I was a kid and we went on trips, my mom would put this in my bento box. It’s like being on a picnic.”

[Via, including the recipe.]

Posted by Gil Zeimer on April 26, 2006 in Food, Travel

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  1. Mary Jo
    Mary Jo says:

    Sure, most any decent cook can make a meal that meets these specifications. And any good chef can make a delicious meal to meet the same.

    The key, however, is to not only make a delicious meal that meets all these requirements, but to do it for under $3.00/meal.

    Add that into the mix, and let’s see what kind of inflight meal we’ll get.

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