Simon Kirby

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Bio: Simon is a 37 year old photojournalist who travels constantly although based in Paris.

Whether his assignments are for daily press, following police officers in L.A., French soldiers in Lebanon, magazines or private companies, he always documents his travels, air time, hotels and eatery’s.

A portrait photographer at 19, Simon moved from North London to Paris, France at the age of 23.

For 5 years escaped from journalism and into the real world in order to start, build and successfully sell an import-export company.

Preferring the world of the unknown, the world of small salaries, the sleepless nights in mountainous hostile countries, Simon returned (naturally) to the world of the printed word in 2005.

Spending around 25% of his time in Paris, and the rest all over the world gives an ideal opportunity to collate and share various travel experiences.