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Bio: S A J Shirazi is a writer, educator, linguist, translator and blogger. His writing on Information Technology, travel, heritage, behavioral sciences, political economy, public relations and management practices appear in Dawn, the News, Nation, Spider, BootsnAll and other publications. Shirazi holds an MBA and Linguistics (Russian Language) degrees. He has authored two books (Izhar, Ret Pe Tehreer) and translated Din Mein Charagh by Abbas Khan into Light Within.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that referring-to-myself-in-the-third-person part out of the way, here’s the more human, less quantifiable description. I am obsessed with the virtual word, and forms of mass media at hand and cultures beyond borders. I’m always looking for friends. I (am committed and) admire human relationship, consistency, and the trip to Food and Heritage Street, Lahore (Pakistan). Nikhat (flowers), fairies, roaming around in the unknown, and this life thrills me. I’d rather be on a roller coaster or rock repelling beyond Chillas than be typing this.

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