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Bio: First moved by the wines of Oregon and Champagne and always consumed by writing, Nilay publicly launched the popular 750 mL wine blog in January of 2005. Resisting the urge to specialize in any one region, he dedicates his time to wine interests spanning all regions of the world and uses 750 mL to catalog some of his most moving experiences.

Nilay also works full-time as a professional marketing writer and has published editorials, essays, and poems in forums such as The New York Times Digital Edition, the Modern American Poetry Site, and The Allegheny Review.

He credits his wine education, in large part, to The Corkscrew Wine Emporium in Urbana, Illinois, where he is now based. The independently-owned store has given him the opportunity to not only taste, but sit with and experience everything from the obscure to the everyday. As evidenced by the concept and writing of his site, he believes there is much more to wine than just “sip and spit.”

“If we want to learn what a wine is trying to say, we have to interact with it,” Nilay said. “We have to talk back.”

“When I drink a 1990 Salon or an old Ridge Monte Bello, the first thing that pops into my head is not a number,” he added. “It’s a lush, living thought that wants to be shared with others.”

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