Ivy Larson

Bio: Ivy Larson is a certified American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Instructor and a fitness-testing specialist through the Fitness Institute International. She operates a private nutrition consultation practice; teaching clients how support healthy families.

Gold Coast Cure fights disease and obesity, author is living proof

WHO: Kenneth Andrew Larson, M.D.; general surgeon and co-author of The Gold Coast Cure: The 5-Week Health & Body Makeover and Ivy Larson, certified American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Instructor, fitness-testing specialist and co-author of The Gold Coast Cure: The 5-Week Health & Body Makeover
WHAT: Interview Opportunity; Book review; Feature suggestion
WHEN: Currently available by phone, upon request or in-studio, by arrangement

(West Palm Beach, FL) As a certified fitness instructor, 22 year-old Ivy Larson seemed the picture of health, but all that changed with a trip to the doctor’s office, where she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Determined to fight for her health, Larson partnered with husband Andy Larson, M.D. to develop an alternative program to alleviate the painful symptoms of her debilitating condition. By following The Gold Coast Cure wellness plan, Ivy is now symptom-free without taking any disease-modifying drugs.
After experiencing personal success with the program, the Larsons wrote The Gold Coast Cure (Health Communications, May 2005) which helps people suffering from chronic conditions such as Arthritis, Allergies, Type II Diabetes, MS, Obesity, Heart Disease, and those looking for a realistic, healthy lifestyle. The Cure’s plan consists of three components: a balanced whole foods diet, resistance circuit training exercises (instructional DVD included with book) and a simplified supplement guide. For millions of people hoping to prevent or reverse degenerative diseases or those looking for healthier ways to live, the Cure offers a safe and effective alternative for the entire family.

Larson can discuss these topics and more:
:: Creating a healthy kitchen: what foods you really need to stock up on
:: Why resistance circuit exercise is a necessary element of the Cure
:: Healthy shopping on a budget
:: Cooking for a cure: What type of foods to prepare and eat
:: How the Gold Coast Cure differs from other health programs
:: The 6 key supplements to healthy living
:: Why the Gold Coast Cure is safe for the entire family (even children)

This is not a diet or health program exclusively for people with physical ailments.