Huma Siddiqui

Bio: Huma Siddiqui is author of Jasmine in Her Hair, founder and owner of White Jasmine, a web-based mail order company that offers gourmet spices, teas, bangles, scarves and accessories. She is also a mother, accountant, entrepreneur, and cooking school instructor. But beyond all, she is intent on keeping Pakistani food traditions alive. Anchored by family, love, and a strong character, she has lived in four continents, survived two civil wars and started a new life in a new world.

Huma Siddiqui was born and raised in Pakistan. She moved to Untied States in 1995 and now lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She acquired her CPA credentials and now works for Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence. A year ago, she started teaching cooking classes after many requests from her family and friends to share the food of her native Pakistan. In Pakistan, food is so much more than sustenance; it is the foundation of the family. Because she feels so strongly that traditions, customs and family rituals are crucial to lives, she and a friend started White Jasmine, a company that sells gourmet spices, line of premium teas, as well as imported Pakistani accessories that are an integral part of that culture. She is also the producer of the first Pakistani cooking series; Curry and Coriander.

The newly released book, Jasmine in Her Hair, establishes Siddiqui as the expert on Pakistani home-style cooking, as well as Pakistani culture. She is highly sought after cooking instructor in the Madison area, and is quickly emerging as a national figure to promote Pakistani cuisine and culture. Siddiqui is an active volunteer in the community where she has instigated numerous programs for battered women with a focus on financial stability. You can find more information on Huma Siddiqui at