Elaine Sipos

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Bio: From hard-core backpacking to uber luxury travel, experiencing the uniqueness of each destination has been my approach to traveling throughout over 40 countries. Some favourites include China, Tibet, Egypt, Morocco, India, and Cuba – though this list does vary depending on its requirement for incredible food, shopping or visual ‘amazingness’.

A Canadian turned world citizen, I’ve also lived and worked in Italy, the UK, Singapore and now the Netherlands.

I consider myself a traditional painter and obsessive photographer, though I am officially a ‘digital compositing artist’ (visual fx for the film industry).

Oh yes, I have more obsessions; they would include salsa dancing, interior design, spas, antique shopping (flea markets to be precise; but who am I kidding, anything will do), gardening and languages. Gastronomically infatuated would be only the faintest hint of understatement. I adore eating, cooking, food collecting, cookbooks, entertaining and dining out. My shopping list does extend over five countries – more when allowed!

As a result, I am now foraying into the literary world to share my experiences and unique insights.