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Bio: Twenty-six years of working in Physical Therapy was enough! Returning to college at age 50 was scary, yet challenging and exhilarating. Now, with a degree in Journalism, I am ready to join the competitive world of freelance travel writing.

My travel adventures began when I spent a year hitch-hiking around Europe and North Africa at age twenty, hoping to get the travel-bug out of my system. Little did I know that it would only intensify. Through the years I’ve gone on safaris in Africa and floated down the Li River in China, spent seven weeks a few summers ago on a wine quest in Italy, multiple road trips in Mexico, did a circuitous route of the United States, Canada and Newfoundland in a car, and many shorter, more luxurious trips. I recently returned from a nine-week trip to Australia; on a zinfandel pilgrimage. I search for places the average tourists don’t go.

While not a journalist at heart, I am a writer at heart, and love to share my travels with anyone who is interested.