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Bio: Alan is both a travelers and a student of travel. He has traveled much of the world, though with a focus on Asia and Europe, observing how travel and tourism have shaped the landscapes and livelihoods of destinations.

He is also a podcaster, blogger and founding editor-in-chief of the research journal, Tourism Geographies. He is also the host of the Geography for Travelers podcast and the Travelography Travel and Tourism News podcast at In addition to the blog pages that support these podcasts, he regularly posts on the Web 2.0 Travel Tools blog.

All of these activities relate to his full-time job as a professor in the Department of Geography, Planning, and Recreation at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he teaches online courses in geography, urban planning and tourism development.

He has authored over 60 research articles and book chapters and has published several books, including Tourism in China (1995 and 2003), Sustainable Tourism: A Geographical Perspective (1998), Tourism and Gaming on American Indian Lands (1998), Companion to Tourism (2004), and Seductions of Place (2005).

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