Vodkas of the World


For Vodka lovers who enjoy their drink with lime cordial or soda, this brand of their favorite drink is bound to be their best buy. With the same strong taste of Vodka, this premium brand gives you one of the most well refined ones available and will surely keep your spirits high.

Russia is the first name that comes to our mind when we talk about Vodka. People who like to taste different liquors; vodka is one of the favorites among them. However, it might come as a surprise to you that the most expensive Vodka comes from the lands of Scotland. Diva Vodka is regarded as the most expensive bottles of Vodka of all time. The bottle looks like that of a perfume bottle that contains diamonds, semi-precious or precious stones. The vodka is triple distilled and then passed through a sand of crushed diamonds and other gems. It costs around $1,060,000.


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