The MV-Augusta F4CC – An Extraordinary Limited Edition Sports Bike


Do you like to fly along the road in a high-speed costly motorcycle? Your desire will be fulfilled with the MV-Augusta F4CC. This is a new addition to the world of the most exclusive and most expensive sports bikes. This ultra-luxurious motorcycle offers you a cool ride that puts you in the fast lane!

Massimo Tamburini has sculpted this motorcycle in carbon fiber and titanium. Only a hundred of these hand-made motorbikes are being produced, making it extremely valuable and rare. You will be overwhelmed to know that each of these limited edition motorcycles are accompanied with leather jackets from the famous fashion house of Italy and a Girard-Perregaux Swiss watch. This superbike is available at a retail price of $120,000.

This spectacular F4CC motorcycle is the unique creation of Claudio Castiglioni. If you see this bike, you will find his initials on it. This exclusive motorbike gives you a top speed of 315 kph, making this expensive motorcycle a truly special ride for ardent bikers who love to travel.


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