The Most Fascinating Hotel Opened to the Public


Finally, the most expensive hotel has opened its door to the public. Marina Bay Sands Hotel of Singapore has even managed to dethrone Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel! Marina Bay Sands Hotel features 2560 rooms that cost you around $520 per night on average. Moshe Safdie has designed the structure of this hotel. Resembling a deck of cards, this hotel’s decor includes an indoor canal, a casino, convention centre, a plaza, a crystal pavilion, a theatre and a beautiful museum shaped in the form of a lotus. This magnificent hotel also boasts of a ‘Sky Park’. This boat-shaped park is perched on top of three towers.

The chief attraction of this hotel is its 650ft swimming pool, perched up on the 55th floor of this magnificent hotel. This pool earns the name of being the largest pool perched up on such a height. Designed as an Infinity Pool, this picturesque pool moves into a multi-tiered catchment area that pumps back water into the main pool.


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