The Little Country Store & More: Oakville Grocery, Northern California

It’s not every day that a company celebrates its 125th anniversary, as well as its first. But that’s exactly what just happened at Oakville Grocery, Napa Valley’s best-known culinary emporium for the finest gourmet products, regional winemakers, unique gifts, fantastic catering, and more.

The Oakville Grocery opened its flagship store in 1881 in the quaint town of Yountville, just north of Napa on Highway 29. The company also recently celebrated its first anniversary of Oakville Grocery in Del Monte Square at The Cannery in San Francisco, across the street from popular Fisherman’s Wharf.

In between it also opened locations in the historic town square of Healdsburg, northwest of Napa and in Palo Alto at the Stanford Shopping Center.

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