Dinner in Bed for 150: Supperclub, San Francisco

Back in May 2005, we first wrote about Supperclub when it opened in SF after blazing a trail of successes in Amsterdam, London, Mediteranee cruises and exotic Singapore.

Now, it’s attracting sell out crowds every night for the three-to-four-hour dining experience of one seating, beds along the walls of the warehouse-size space, an eclectic menu that costs $60 for five courses, waiters who entertain you, and a high-ceilinged space that looks like the set from Woody Allen’s comedy “Sleeper.”

The first club was started in the Netherlands. There, people spend five to six hours per night eating their dinners in bed. In the more rushed US, the time limit is four hours, max.

Each course is different and unusual. A vegetarian menu is also offered. But the menu is very limited, so if you don’t have a taste for any of the servings, you may have to stop for a burger on the way home.

Be prepared to bring the noise, pay good money for small plates, fork over $7 to $9 for specialty cocktails, or choose from the somewhat pricey wine menu. But if you want something different and definetely hip, it’s all here at Supperclub.

Read a review from SFgate.com.

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