Skinny Dipping: 10 Ways To Stay Trim on Trips

From today, here’s an interesting article that makes me feel skinnier just reading it. They suggest you can travel and not gain a single pound by following 10 steps for healthy vacation dining, as outlined by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center of Louisiana State University. And you don’t have to eat celery three times a day to do it!

Briefly, these include: 1. Plan Ahead to Eat Healthy, 2. Understand The Menu, 3. Think “Outside The Box”, 4. Watch Portion Sizes, 5. Be Salad Savvy, 6. Consider a Condo or Kitchenette to Save Calories, 7. Watch The Alcohol, 8. Be Aware of Your Emotional Response If You Overeat, 9. Plan Pleasures Other Than Food or Drink, and 10. Hold a Family Meeting Ahead of Time.

Read the whole article.

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