Seaside paradise of Sorrentino Peninsula nestles Parco Dei Principi hotel


The legendary Mediterranean Sea cocoons the Parco Dei Principi hotel on the serene environment of the Sorrentino Peninsula of Italy. Perched on a cliff, the grand hotel overlooks the gorgeous Gulf of Naples and offers unspoiled and charming atmosphere in the lap of nature. The seaside paradise is embraced by the lush greenery in this historical botanical garden and the interior design is done by using ceramics and majolica tiles with a tinge of contemporary art everywhere. The havens are embellished with antique furniture and the walls are washed with bright vibrant colors to create an enjoyable and lively atmosphere in these exclusive rooms. Each of the accommodations offers spectacular views of the endless blue sea with the magical gardens along the borderline of the coast. The elegant gardens nourish the wide collection of flora, ancient trees and swaying palm trees on the private pearly white beach. The gentle ambience of the hotel atmosphere is enough to pamper the guests in a refreshing and delightful tranquility.


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