San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile


How about getting soaked in the most expensive swimming pool of the world at the San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile? The length of this 20-acre pool is equal with the three football fields and contains almost 66 million gallons of saltwater. It is almost 115 feet deep. Of course, it holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest swimming pool in the world.

Computer-controlled suction and filtration system is used to constantly circulate the water in the pool, to keep it clean and clear. This system draws water in from the ocean at one end and pumps it out at the other. Even at the deepest point, it is clear. Along with that, but the water is kept above 78 F in the summer. As opposed to that, the ocean water nearby is only around 62 F.

The world’s most expensive swimming pool cost almost $2 billion to build and almost $4 million is required for annual maintenance.


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