Quite Quintessentially Luxurious: Quintessentially.com

A recent segment of ABC-TV’s 20/20 featured a new Web site for the priviledged set.

Launched in 2000 in the UK, Quintessentially.com is the world’s leading private members’ club, with a staff of luxury concierges who help its upscale clients by “accessing the inaccessible” 24/7/365. Better yet, it maintains offices around the world in 16 highly moneyed cities. Among them are New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Jburg, Cannes, and, of course, Dubai.

Corporate firms, chief executives, foreign royalty and, of course, celebrities, call on Quintessentially to handle their whims, demands and quirky requests. For example, when Madonna requested a brand of herbal tea available only in America, Quintessentially flew it out to her in London.

Members receive an upscale magazine (shown above), travel benefits, lists of places to stay, transportation options, and much more. After all, they believe “that life is too short to waste time on the mundane or second-best.”

W: www.quintessentially.com.

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