Monochromatic Magnificence: The Black+White Ball, San Francisco

Held every other year, the San Francisco Symphony’s Black and White Ball is one of the city’s more extravagant affairs. First, everyone dresses in black. Or white. Or both. Looks like a Emperor Penguins’ convention. The mere logistics of this event are mind-numbing: $200-220 per person for all you can eat, drink, dance and ogle. The night begins at 8pm at the Civic Center area and includes 5,000 beach balls, 10,000 people, 5 venues, 150 chefs, 5 kitchens, 250 waiters, 35,000 pieces of sushi and 15,000 nuggets of dim sum.

If you care to dance, there are 27 musical acts, from Patti LaBelle, Train, the Violent Femmes, the Village People (yep, still rockin’), Minnie Driver, the SF Symphony, and Stymie and The Pimp Jonoes Luv Orchestra. If you have more money than you know what to do with, rent a private cabana tents stocked with champagne and caviar rent for $15,000. If you don’t think you’re too old to still attend a prom, check it out: San Francisco Symphony’s Black and White Ball

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