Make Dai Ginjo Sake


In Japan, Sake is used to refer any alcoholic beverage. However, in America, it means a specific drink in America. Whereas in most of the time drink is known as “rice wine.” The brew is non-carbonated and tastes similar to wine.

There are 3 premium types of sake—junmai, ginjo and dai ginjo—that have the unwanted portions of the rice polished away. To make dai ginjo, usually the most expensive sake, the brewer polishes every grain of rice down to half its usual size.

The most expensive sake offered by True Sake, which is regarded as the first dedicated sake store of America, is a Kame no O sake by Wataribune. It is, of course, a dai ginjo sake. It is available in the market at the price tag of $500 for a 720ml bottle. It may just be the most expensive sake of the world. You can taste this most expensive sake.


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