Macallan Rare Vintage Wine 1947

The Macallan is offering a prized edition known as Fine & Rare Vintage 1947 so that you can enjoy an ultimate festive cocktail. Now here is the scoop for you. Just five bottles of this deluxe elixir will be out in the whole of US. Thus, you have to be very quick in making your decision.

Although the last price for this fine wine has not been announced yet, the last time when it was available in the market people had to shell out about $7,000 for one pop. This whisky, which is about 15 years old, was first bottled in the year 1963. Macallan in reality had to buy the wine from a reputed collector, who collected single malts since it had exhausted its own reserves a long time back.

This Fine & Rare 1947 has natural and rich beech color and has fragrances of chocolate and vanilla, citrus fruit, and notes of oak.


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