Luxury is just another name for the Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont Hotel!


Are you looking forward to throw a great party while touring San Francisco? Then the Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont Hotel is just the one for you. It has a total area of 6,000 square feet and can house up to 100 people for entertaining. The suite features three bedrooms and four bathrooms. The living room is spectacularly decorated and is equipped with plasma television and stereo system. The dining room can seat 50 guests at a time. The domed library is very beautiful and has two storeys. The domed roof of the library is painted with constellations. The billiards room is another yet another sight to behold. It is entirely wrapped in Persian tiles. The suite has four grand fireplaces decorated with precious stones of lapis lazuli. The fittings of the bathroom are made of 24 karat gold. A private terrace completes this magnificent suite. For those who love adventure, this suite has a secret passageway behind bookshelves on 2nd floor of the library!


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