If you only see one Vegas show, make sure it’s Love!

beatles_love1Firstly the layout of the theatre is great; the audience sits all around the stage and as a result you really feel part of the action. Obviously the Beatles music speaks for itself, but the visual interpretation of the songs is fantastic. The dancers, acrobats, effects and sound were also outstanding.

The colors, the costumes, the dancing, the acrobatics, and the music were unbelievable. And yet, the show was also very touching and beautiful. We loved everything about it and can’t wait to see it again.

One of the things to bear in mind with LOVE is that differently from other Cirque shows, this is more of an interpretive-dance performance set to a preexisting soundtrack — the Beatles catalog as redone by George Martin giving the “Anthology” tracks the remaster/remix treatment.

I’m a huge Beatles fan and this show was fantastic. The coordination of dance with music with the scene changes was wonderful and exceeded my expectation, which were high.

If you can only make time for one show while in Vegas, I highly recommend you choose LOVE.


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