Hotel Chocolat :: Love that chocolate?

Luxury chocolate, Gourmet chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate?

Does it make you feel happy? Sentimental? Sexy? However much you enjoy your chocolate, it’s one of only a few items that’s pleasurable to give to receive, to look at and to eat.

So why not take a look at Hotel Chocolat, unfortunately they haven’t got a hotel yet, what they do have is the plans for one on their estate on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. The Rabot Estate plans to build a factory and employ local people in the chocolate making, using local sugar and milk, a growing to end-product process with a small carbon-footprint.

The hotel is yet to come but the chocolate is most definitely here, oh yes. Check out and say you’re not impressed. Chocolate by post, chocolate club……. I’ve gone all gooey on the inside.

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