French spirit on Caribbean soul at La Samanna


The lush tropical vegetation, which cocoons a series of whitewashed buildings along the coastline of the white sandy beaches, makes this Caribbean beach seems like heaven on earth. The idyllic location of the La Samanna in the island of St. Martin surrounded by the deep blue sea with the sandy beaches fringed with a collection of Caribbean greenery is the intimate destination for guests who want to cherish the sumptuous beauty of nature relaxing on its lap in a luxurious way. The resort is perched on a bluff from where the guests can enjoy the peerless beauty of the ocean till the horizon from where the morning sun rises making the sky a painter’s canvas. The exquisite 83 guestrooms, including the lavish and gorgeous suites, are spreaded over 55 acres of private beach and each corner of the havens is graced with exotic furniture, where European style and design dominates over Caribbean soul. French spirit is the most common in this beach resort.


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