Four-Czar Dining on Haute Russe Cuisine: Pushkin Cafe, Moscow

A rose-colored neoclassic building houses the four-story Pushkin Cafe on popular Tverskoy Bulvar in central Moscow. The cafe is on the first floor; the restaurant spreads up to the second and mezzanine floors.

Frequented by contemporary diners and the nouveau rich, it’s located near the Tverskaya and Pushkinskaya metro strops. The 24-hour eatery is the playground of Andrei Makhov, executive chef and restauranteur who began as a cook for the Red Army.

The menu is written in French. So is the cuisine, featuring meats topped with rich sauces. But it’s also a fusion of Europe, Asia and Russia’s peasant culture. A full meal costs about $50 US, with main courses priced at $24-30 US.

Cafe´ Pushkin
A: 26a Tverskoy Bulvar, Moscow
T: 011-7-095-229-5590

Read a review: Go Magazine, The Moscow Times.

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