Fly2doc :: Portugal & Spain

Maybe you'd like something a little more natural?
In the market for a boob job, a tummy tuck, a gastric by-pass, or maybe you just want to brighten up those pearly whites??

Before you do anything, check out a new Medical Tour Operator Fly2doc, which has the latest offerings for folks who travel abroad to get some cosmetic surgery done. Fly2doc is making sure potential international clients find the medical services they need such as dentistry, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, orthopedics and even cardiology at the major cities in Portugal (Lisbon, Coimbra, Algarve) and Spain (Barcelona and Malaga)

The services are offered at competitive prices at state of the art hospitals that have been accredited by a clinical board with international experience. But other than the obvious cost savings, (30 to 80 percent from what the same service would cost in the United States,) I was surprised to find out that among 191 countries ranked by the World Health Organization, Portugal ranks 12th in health care services, Spain ranks 8th, ahead of the United States, which ranks 38th.

So why not take a vacation where you’ll return looking more rested, permanently!

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