Fine Wines from Fashion House Diesel

Diesel Farm has devoted itself to the fine craft of wine making to ensure that the final product not only has an exquisite taste. President and founder of Diesel Farm is Renzo Rosso. If you are wondering that you have heard his name, he also owns the luxury denim company, Diesel jeans.

Rosso used a 2,500-acre farm in the Italian location of Marostica to produce high quality wine instead of focusing on quantity. The wonderful result is that just some thousand bottles of every wine is produced. That is the reason why collectors, connoisseurs, and wine lovers love them. Renzo Rosso is the owner of about 42 companies but his origins lie in winemaking. He saw his own parents making good wine, when he grew up on a farm.

Today, vineyard produces excellent Bianco di Rosso from lovely chardonnay grapes. Another product is Rossi di Rosso, which is made from merlot and cabernet grapes. Nero di Rosso, uses pinot noir grapes for the great taste. To find out the other products, click here.

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