Driving on the Clouds with Corvette


Corvette ZR1 the brand new presentation from the house of Chevrolet this season will simply send your head spinning. Though this car was once unveiled in 2005, it finally saw the light of the day in 2009.

GM CEO Rick Wagoner’s out of the world dreams propelled the designers of Chevrolet to play the tricks with $100,000. Hence the most awesome and expensive Corvette was born.

The powerful LS9 engine (6.2 liter V8) emits 620 horsepower, which is approx 100 horsepower/liter and 6500 RPMs. This makes it the most expensive and most speedy car with caliber to attain 200 mph speeds.

In fact, if you love speed then this is the car for you. This car has the ability to speed-up 0-60 in almost 30 seconds. This is not all; this car comes with a complete package of carbon-fiber parts including adaptable suspension features.

Though, in 2007 Corvette ZR1 was presumably rated at $100,000 and presently it is rated at $102,450 and this extravagant sports car is a dream come true for all those who love speed.

Via: Mostexpensive.net

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