Best Eats on Three Continents: The Top Ten Cities for Foodies

Sushi in Tokyo. Snake in Hanoi. Chinese food in SF and Vancouver. Gnocchi in Roma.

For the best of the best eats in the world, read this article from titled “Top 10 Cities for Foodies” –– and I’m happy to say I’ve stuffed my face in six of them.

The cities are:
• Barcelona • Brussels • Hanoi • Las Vegas • Lyon • New York • Rome • San Francisco • Tokyo • Vancouver


Posted by Gil Zeimer on April 02, 2006 in Food

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  1. Ava
    Ava says:

    What happend to Edmonton? They obviously haven’t been to Gabbana’s

  2. Gil Zeimer
    Gil Zeimer says:

    Apparently, the authors didn’t regard Gabbana’s as a world class eatery. Maybe they’re number 11!

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