Acquarello Restaurant in Munich – Enjoy New Italian Cuisine with a Zing !

Do you like Italian cuisines? You can certainly visit Acquarello Restaurant in Munich to experience a culinary wonderland and arguably one of the best and priciest restaurants of the world that provides authentic Italian delicacy with a dash of modernism. This is a place where the food lovers are transported to a land beyond the traditional pizza and chianti.

Acquarello is positioned in the up market district of Bogenhausen, and is perfectly placed to catch the attention of a varied and rich clientele. The décor is designed by Gault Millau and Michelin to offer customers a cosy ambience along with a different taste. The USP of the restaurant lies in the fact that it prepares new delicacies based on its traditional recipes; however with a zing, as several combinations of spices and ingredients are used. A dinner for one will cost you around $125. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the perfect dining experience with your friends and family, then this will serve your purpose rightly.


Posted by Ava Stochinsky on July 21, 2010 in Food

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