55” PrestigeHD television from Stuart Hughes at $2.26 million


For the wealthy section of the society, Stuart Hughes is not a new brand which is always there to enhance the opulence of a home with its creativity and exclusivity. This time, this brand has revealed its creativity and exclusivity through a very common household item and that is a television. It has designed this 55 inches PrestigeHD television to fill your room with a luxurious environment at an amazing price of $2.26 million.

This electronic gadget, powered by Metz has a veneer of 28kg gold. The elegance of this layer of rose gold of 18 carats purity is enhanced by diamonds. There are 72 brilliant diamonds of 1 carat all along the gold layer which makes this television an ideal household item for an extravagant lifestyle.

How can only gold and diamond complete the embellishments of a product from this renowned brand house? There is something more to complete its exclusivity. Each of the bezels of this television are covered with hand sewn alligator skin to make it more precious and amazing.

Via allaboutluxury.blogspot.in

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  1. Another Stuart Hughes luxury gadget, It would definitely fit those luxury condos that wants only the top of the line furniture, accessories and gadgets. With a 28kg gold veneer and the use if 72 sparkling 1 carat diamonds it look extremely expensive and screaming of elegance. The alligator skin is what makes it unique and hip.


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