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Touring to Caribbean Islands


We are planning to visit the small chain islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia. This is a paradise island and a perfect location for adventure and romance. What can I say – this is the home of some of the most precious beauties of nature that can exaggerate your tour with endless enthusiasm!

Latin America & the Caribbean » Touring to Caribbean Islands

Lucia Island is a good place to give your family a treat with some unusual enjoyment. You can explore this tropical island on a peaceful cruise or enjoy snorkelling at the stunning coral reefs. You can also go for horse riding or have a good time pass teaching your kid swimming in the splashing blue water.

Latin America & the Caribbean » Touring to Caribbean Islands

When you are touring with your family Marigot Bay can be your perfect location. It gives you the opportunity to plunge into the adventure that you have lost in your childhood. You know this lovely harbour once provided a good hideout for pirate ships. You are sure to have the ultimate pleasure of being in an island!

Hey folks! Travelling to the St. Lucia Island gives you the chance to spend some time at the Maria Islands Nature Reserve. You will find two tiny islands – the home of some rare species of birds and wildlife. The most attractive thing of this reserve is Kouwes grass snake and Zandoli Terre ground lizard. Don’t worry, they are harmless.

St Lucia is one of the leading spots where you can enjoy watching whales. More than 20 species of whales are spotted all round year. It is very entertaining to watch spotted dolphins in the crystal clear waters. Turtle watching along the quiet sands in this Island gives a wonderful relaxation from your tiring life.

While in St Lucia if you are willing to relax and have lots of fun with your friends or family, beaches of this place are the perfect destination. The best beach I would say is the Reduit Beach on Rodney Bay. You will never forget its magnificent view sunset and will surely frolic under the sun!

Latin America & the Caribbean » Touring to Caribbean Islands

Oh! I have heard that beaches in St Lucia have dark volcanic sand. I am eager to be in one of the beaches! Beaches of this island offer opportunity for variety of activities like fishing in the deep sea, windsurfing, water sports, snorkeling and many others. Whenever I visit the beaches, my first choice will be Anse des Pitons.

Latin America & the Caribbean » Touring to Caribbean Islands

Reduit Beach is the best vacation beach I think. But I would also like to tell you about Pigeon Island Beach. It is a lovely beach! It stretches for miles housing two best hotels in the Island. You know it is very close to Pigeon Island Park, the best venue of St Lucia Jazz! This island is best suited for picnics.

If you are looking for a secluded and solitary holiday location, you can go to Gande Anse Beach in St Lucia. You will find various species of turtles nesting in this island, if you get the chance of visiting it in between March and August. But do not go very far out on this beach due to strong currents and rough waves.

I did not find Gande Anse Beach very interesting. It is not yet developed and there is nothing else other than the turtles. Rather, I found Malgretoute beach much better than Grande. It is partially secluded but visitors often come to this island for picnic. I have hardly seen such crystal clear water anywhere else – it’s like looking through glass!

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