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Work and play in Costa Rica?


Outsourcing Costa Rica. Plenty of jobs at a Call Center.

Costa Rica’s Call Center Employment Opportunities

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Costa Rica’s Call Center is always open to meet new prospects to join our team at all levels for a variety of campaigns.

Executive secretaries, customer service agents, teachers, expatriates , highly skilled telemarketers, imaginative web designers, sharp computer programmers, anyone who believes that their skills can enhance a campaign are all encouraged to immediately contact our human resources department.

We will carefully evaluate each applicant’s education, abilities and personal goals. Age and gender will not deter us from selecting the top candidates for a campaign. Our call center’s Executive Officers personally encourage you to receive the best in telemarketing training, call center work environment and career development in Costa Rica.

Contact us today to begin your future with our company!

We look forward to hearing from you.

The literal Meaning of Costa Rica is Rich Coast and you will find the name is appropriate for the place. Many famous national parks attract loads of tourists across the globe. One of my frined has visited the Poás Volcano Crater, which is one of the famous tourist attractions of the place.

Hey… I have a heard a lot about Corcovado National Park. I have heard that all the species of the Costa Rican monkeys can be found there.

Yeah…I have heard that also. Tortuguero National Park is the habitat for numerous reptiles and insects that are referred as the rare species.

The country is famous for these types of ecotourism across the wild. The nature with its wild life is available in plenty to watch for.

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