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Category | Wine

Chteau Le Pin Pomerol 1999 – Taste the Great and Pricey Garage Wine

By Lara Smith on July 21, 2014Comments (0)

If you like to taste wine then this will certainly catch your attention. Chteau Le Pin Pomerol 1999 will cost you around $908. This is one of the finest quality wines that is a quality of garage wine. Chteau Le Pin is a family venture of the Thienpont family. It is a small vineyard located […] read more»

How About Having a Classy Pack of Beers!

By Erin Silverman on April 12, 2014Comments (0)

You must know that beer is a drink known to man from olden times and is one of the favourites with most writers. While a number of people enjoy having a less costly and light beer, there are some world’s most luxurious beers also available in the market. One such priciest beer is Brewdog’s “The […] read more»

Margarita at Johnny Utah’s – The Vault

By Chris on April 07, 2014Comments (0)

Tequila, triple sec and fresh lemon or limejuice—these are the ingredients of a standard margarita. The proportions may differ and orange liqueurs can be used other than triple sec may be used. Johnny Utah’s, a Western-style restaurant situated in New York’s Rockefeller Center, has both a mechanical bull capable of rendering you eternally paralyzed and […] read more»

4 Great Places To Enjoy a Rooftop Drink in Barcelona

By Ava Stochinsky on January 20, 2014Comments (0)

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, known for its beautiful architecture, wonderful restaurants and serene atmosphere. There can never be a dull moment while you are visiting the city. And what better way to enjoy your vacation than going to a rooftop bar and enjoying a drink or two. Here are […] read more»

Marble Soda Can by Robin Antar

By Erin Silverman on October 18, 2013Comments (0)

Robin Antar’s work under the name of Antar Studios inc. has made known her work as “Realism in Stone.” Antar’s work comprises mostly of commonplace objects such as denim jackets, potato chip bags, tubes of toothpaste and even M&Ms bags rendered in stone. Antar’s “Soda Can” appears to be the most expensive soda can in […] read more»

Flawless – Christmas Cocktail For the Elites

By Erin Silverman on November 26, 2012Comments (0)

A posh London nightclub has launched one of the most expensive Christmas cocktail named Flawless to cater to the elites of the society. You need to prepare for the whopping price tag of US $ $71,000 and £35,000 . The ingredients of this famous cocktail includes Louis XIII cognac, Cristal Rose champagne, angostura bitters and […] read more»

Platinum and Gold Finished Corkscrew

By Bhavesh Bhatia on November 01, 2012Comments (0)

If you want to have the most expensive corkscrew in the world, then Sveid’s offering will be your ultimate choice. Each one of this is made to order with fifty-two pieces. Most of these are aviation titanium, and is specially packaged in an elegant presentation box. The Sveid corkscrew is extremely customizable, with a fingertip […] read more»

Make Dai Ginjo Sake

By Bhavesh Bhatia on September 17, 2012Comments (0)

In Japan, Sake is used to refer any alcoholic beverage. However, in America, it means a specific drink in America. Whereas in most of the time drink is known as “rice wine.” The brew is non-carbonated and tastes similar to wine. There are 3 premium types of sake—junmai, ginjo and dai ginjo—that have the unwanted […] read more»