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Wake Up To the Splashing Luxury of Tower 23 at San Diego

By Ava Stochinsky on February 06, 2014Comments (1)

Rise and Shine to a brand new experience of luxury and sophistication at Tower 23. The scenic beauty of the beaches from the hotel itself is worth the price of admission to the swank hotel. The rooms are very modern and have a modern streamlined feel. Upon arrival we received a delicious plate of cheeses […] read more»

Urban lifestyle high up in Miami skyline from Viceroy Miami

By Bhavesh Bhatia on February 02, 2014Comments (0)

The urban chic designed retreat, Viceroy Miami on the Biscayne Bay is one of the sophisticated and luxurious destinations in Florida, where guests can experience the posh life of the city life in a traditional setting. The interior glamorous world waits to welcome guests with all its luxury and elegancy. The setting of the hotel […] read more»

Glenn Hotel :: Atlanta, Georgia

By Bhavesh Bhatia on January 31, 2014Comments (0)

We chose this hotel for the location, The Glenn is located near CNN center and Phillips Arena. If you have a concert that weekend, this is the perfect place to stay. The customer service was excellent but the best part I would say is location. It has a lovely and eccentric feel as soon as […] read more»

AmericanStyle’s Top 25 Art Towns

By Sue Frause on January 28, 2014Comments (0)

Art is a big part of travel for me. Whether in a small little hamlet or a big berg, I like to seek out the galleries and museums. AmericanStyle magazine has come out with its annual list of Top 25 Arts Destinations. Here are the top three in three categories: Top 25 Big Cities ( […] read more»

The Grand Hotel – Minneapolis – Kimpton

By Ava Stochinsky on January 26, 2014Comments (0)

This was my first foray into the wonderful world of Kimpton. I had heard good things, but honestly did not know what to expect.I suppose I did not know what to expect from a franchise boutique hotel. To some this may seem like a bit of an oxymoron. The Grand Hotel exceeded my expectations from […] read more»

4 Great Places To Enjoy a Rooftop Drink in Barcelona

By Ava Stochinsky on January 20, 2014Comments (0)

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, known for its beautiful architecture, wonderful restaurants and serene atmosphere. There can never be a dull moment while you are visiting the city. And what better way to enjoy your vacation than going to a rooftop bar and enjoying a drink or two. Here are […] read more»

The Nines – Portland Oregon

By Ava Stochinsky on January 16, 2014Comments (0)

The Nines is part of the Starwood Luxury Collection. This is likely going to surprise a few of you. I don’t like to be fussed over too much. You’re may be thinking, ‘why the heck would she have a luxury travel blog then?’ Perhaps I believe there is a fine line between elegant and over-the-top. […] read more»

The Elysian Hotel – Chicago

By Ava Stochinsky on December 03, 2013Comments (0)

How does a hotel that opened less than 15 months ago manage to crawl its way up to the #1 hotel on Trip Advisor in Chicago? A simple answer to this question does not exist. It is, however, a combination of simple elegance and modern amenities that put the Elysian Hotel in Chicago in a […] read more»

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